Venue Chapel VS. Your Church For Your Wedding

Published February 12th, 2016 by Unknown

A White Chapel wedding is what all little girls dream of! It is the iconic symbol of a classic wedding ceremony.

Even though this is something we all dreamed of, it slowly fades away when we grow up and come to realize that most churches are completely different than what we had pictured in our dreams.

1. One of the reasons Brides choose a Venue over their church may come as a surprise to you but its the CARPET. Not just the fact that it is carpet, but its most always a vibrant color that does not go with the color scheme you have in mind.

2. The Reception at a Wedding Venue is at the same location as the ceremony, Your guest will love the convenience of not driving all over the land to enjoy the day with you.

3. Venue chapels will always have a CENTER AISLE for the Bride to walk down.

4. Venues offer On sight Managers to help assist the day, this little feature can make a huge difference in creating a stress free environment on the day of your wedding.

Bella Sera Ranch is the ideal venue when your wanting that chapel you dreamed of as a little girl!

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