Preserving your bouquet

Published July 11th, 2017 by Unknown

1. Freeze Dry

What is it? A professional way of preserving flowers where the flowers are frozen and a high pressure vacuum is used to pull out all the moisture. Effects will last for about 2-3 years, but much longer if you store the bouquet in a vacuum sealed display box.

Pros: Your flowers will look very close to their original state.

Cons: It can be very pricey.

2. Hanging to dry

Pros: DIY, No pollen, no allergies.

Cons: Not good for fragile blooms; Dust build-up; flowers will lose color and size.

3. Silica

What is it? Silica is a powder in which you cover the entire bouquet into. After a couple weeks (or longer) you remove the bouquet and dust off the powder.

Pros: DIY

Cons: Not good for fragile blooms; will lose some color

4. Make a duplicate

This isn't a preserving method, but making a duplicate with faux flowers will give you the option of keeping your bouquet forever. If kept out of direct sunlight, the colors will stay vibrant for much longer. Faux flowers are easy to clean from dust buildup as well.

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