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History of our Historic Style Chapel

Published October 5th, 2018 by Bellaadmin

We've had a lot of guests come to Bella Sera Ranch and the number one question we're asked is, "Where did the chapel come from? Was it already here, or did you build it?"

Back in 2010, owners Deborah & Jack were on the search for the perfect historic chapel. What better way to find what you're looking for than Google Search! They found an adorable little catholic chapel in Peninsula, Ohio and decided to take a trip while on the way to their ranch in upstate New York. 

here is that chapel:

Built in 1882, this chapel did not have any plans to base ours on; so, they took lots of pictures and measurements. Some alternations were made, for instance, two side rooms (one for a linen closet and one for a groom's private suite) and it is larger than the original. Of course there were adjustments to the interior as well. 

Here are some images of the Bella Sera Chapel being built:

With a chapel like this, you have to have some pretty amazing pews to go in it. Once again, online search led Deborah & Jack to where they discovered historic pews from a Lutheran Church in New Jersey. They made the trip in a 26 ft box truck to pick up 23 pews, arriving a day after the largest snowfall of the year! They loaded up 22 pews and to their dismay, the 23rd wouldn't fit. They did what they had to do and took it apart to get it in there; they were not leaving without that last pew! 

Rooted Trumpet Photography

Some things are truly meant to be and this is one of those things. They look like they were absolutely made to go inside our chapel. 

Now, 8 years later, this perfect little historic style chapel has hosted hundreds of weddings. Every wedding a little different from the one before. Oh the memories it holds, and most importantly, the love! 

Rooted Trumpet Photography

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