Easy Last Minute Fall Wedding Decorating Ideas

Published November 7th, 2014 by Unknown

Fall has arrived and no time better than to discuss a few decorating tips you can easily incorporate into your fall wedding!

1. Let your flower girl through fall leaves down the aisle – no boring petals here! You can DIY and pick them up in any park or forest trail OR you can order them through your local florist.

2. Ask your Grandmother or special Aunt to make your Groom’s favorite pies: Apple pie for the fall is always a hit. My nephew asked his Grandmother to make his favorite Chocolate Chip Pecan pie and it was a hit at his wedding! This is a great way to save money and is a great substitute for the groom’s cake.

3. Pumpkins are a beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate your guest tables at the reception. This examples features two colors of ribbon, a sprig of flowers & a feather.

4. Fall mums make a beautiful splash of color down the wedding aisle and can be planted at your new home after the wedding. Each year when they bloom – it will be a great reminder of your wedding day!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and join us next week for tips on decorating for your Christmas wedding! Until then, we're making life's milestones memorable at Bella Sera Ranch.

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