5 Ways to Entertain Your Guest Outdoors

Published October 31st, 2014 by Unknown

Fall is one of the most popular seasons for weddings - the air is crisp & spicy and everyone wants to enjoy the cool air outside! So why not entertain your guest outdoors after the ceremony & before the reception - while you are taking family photographs.

Today I want to focus on taking advantage of the perfect weather and incorporating 5 different ways to entertain your guest outdoors.

You may ask, why do I need to get them outside? Bella Sera Ranch holds approximately 85 events each year and we have the timing for a wedding down to a "T".

One of the things that can go unplanned for by brides is the time between your ceremony and reception. It can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour for photos.

Don't leave your guests too long, with nothing to do - this is one of the biggest complaints by guests. They will end up sitting in your reception hall twiddling their thumbs waiting on you to be introduced as Mr. & Mrs.

Here are 5 great ways to entertain your guest outside!

1. Action Stations - Theses are a great way to get your guest to mingle & enjoy each other’s company during the evening. Try an Outdoor Seating Area or Cigar Bar so guests can mingle and catch up with one another.

2. Passed Appetizers - Something easily eaten without utensils & lite before the meal. Everyone will love this!

3. A Live Band or DJ - Give your guests a prelude of the festivities to come at the reception.

4. Lawn Games - What better way for your guest to relax than a game of croquet, bean bag toss or giant Jenga! Toss some quilts or blankets on the ground and a few chairs for relaxation.

5. Reception Stations - Set up an outdoor bar for a more relaxed environment for your guests to enjoy your signature wedding beverage. A S’more’s Station is also a great way to bring smiles to all guest.

Enjoy the crisp air and host a gathering outdoors before your big entrance as Mr. & Mrs.

Join us next week for a discussion on Fall Wedding Decorations.

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