10 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue

Published February 9th, 2016 by Unknown

Venue Searches Can Be Overwhelming!

All the details and different options that come with each venue can be tiresome to crunch through. After all is said and done, you may encounter circumstances that you did not think about in the beginning. Small details really start to add to the budget.

1. How much is the deposit? What is the cancellation policy?

Deposits vary with each venue. It is always good to know if the deposit is refundable, or if it goes toward the total of the wedding. GET THE DETAILS!! No one expects a cancelation the day that they book their dream venue but LIFE happens and it is always good to know ahead of time what the policy is.

2. Who will be in charge of our wedding on the day of?

Most venues will have an on-sight manager the day of your wedding! Some packages even include wedding planners. Just be sure you know who to go to the day of if you need something.

3. How are payments handled?

BIG QUESTION HERE: There are many different ways to handle payments! Ask, do you want a percent of the total for the deposit? Can we make monthly payments; can we choose the day of the month for the payments? Is automatic draft from my bank account or credit card offered? Do you except checks; if we pay in with cash is there a discount? When is the final payment due? Take a breath – figure out what works for you then calmly talk to the venue about forms of payments.

4. What time can we arrive on our wedding day?

Usually this is included in the package you choose at the venue. Don’t forget to call your hair stylist, makeup artist, and photographer to see if this gives them enough time before the ceremony starts. “You can talk to your venue about purchasing extra hours if needed.”

5. What additional cost can we expect outside of the package booked?

This is an excellent question to ask your venue, most of the time you have visited several by the time you decide to book and they all start to run together. Some packages include services that others don’t. I would start with questions like… Are we able to customize the packages and remove items we do not need that we don’t need to reduce the price? Is there an extra charge to use the kitchen? Get the details on the Bar service and how is it handled.

6. Does the Venue allow pets on premises?

To some couples pets are a part of the family and they feel as if they should play a part in the big day! Before talking this over with your venue make some plans first.

  • Who will be in charge of the pet on the day of
  • Where can we set up a spot to hold them with food & water
  • How will the pet get to and from the venue? Where will it stay the night of your wedding?

If you already have the answers to these concerns with venues, they will most likely let you include the pet on your big day.

7. What are your restrictions on decorations?

Consider: candles, hooks, nails, venue décor, lighting, and bringing in outside decorations.

8. Who is responsible for cleaning up at the end of the night?

Who is responsible for cleaning; what is included in the package you are interested in? Are you required to remove all personal items same day and by what time do you need to be out?

9. Do you have any complimentary items/or services that will assist in our decision to book?

Bella Sera Ranch has a closet of goodies! We have table runners, candles, bling, burlap, wood chunks and slabs, moss, crystal, tall vases, short vases, flower arrangements, and much more to help out on decoration cost! Ask any one our decoration room is amazing!

10. What happens if we have inclement weather on our wedding day?

In Texas you can never really predict the weather. It is always good to know ahead of time how things are going to going the case of unexpected weather. Get in writing what changes would be made and if any charges would be applied. Rainy weather can make the day that much more romantic. Remember to embrace it and make the most out of your wedding day!

These few questions can really make a difference when choosing your venue. Be clear on what you want, and write down all questions you may have about the venue before touring with them.

Happy Searching for the venue of your dreams!

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